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 August 2013

Eileen Segal, President
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The 2012-2013 legislative sessions has given PTA a strong name in the State of Florida. Florida PTA played a large role in the defeat of the Parent Empowerment Bill and the passing of the Texting and Driving Bill. We have been fortunate to have been an influence in the direction of these bills as well as other crucial legislation that affects the lives of our children.  
As we continue our Advocacy efforts, we welcome back our Legislative Committee chaired by Mindy Gould from Miami-Dade County and our Resolutions Committee chaired by Linda Kearschner from Pinellas County. Both of these PTA leaders have proven their dedication and leadership to PTA.
The goals of these committees are

Mindy Haas,  
President Elect 

(For All PTA Members in Florida)  
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Leadership Commission
I am so excited about the hard work that the Leadership Commissioncommittee chairs have been doing!  

I am proud of Lauren Miller, ourStudent Involvement chair, for taking on the issue of texting while driving! She is working to spread the word through county councils and local units about ways to pledge to prevent this everyday hazard.

I'm excited about the work Joe Piecorais doing with the M.E.N. committee!  Plans are underway for our next MEN's Summit, to be held in April at the state office, are coming together and I'm sure the workshops and guest speakers will be incredible!

Jenny Dyess, the Family /Community Engagement chair has been a busy, making valuable connections to help bring new programs and information to help strengthen our families and bridge the gap between school and home!

Our Leadership/Convention chair,Karen Gardner, and her "intern" Jen Martinez have already started on plans for 2014!  Mark your calendars now to be there in July!

It's the goal of the Leadership Commission to provide the tools and resources necessary to help county councils and local units identify and grow potential leaders.  If YOU are interested in serving in a leadership capacity in your local unit or county, it's never too late!  Get in touch with them today and take a may be the best move you ever make, and it will change your life for the better!!

Cindy Gerhardt,
Vice President for Leadership   

Message from the President 

Summer is quickly coming to an end and we all are gearing up for a new school year. Florida PTA held a very successful Leadership / Convention, at Innisbrook Golf Resort.  We had over 1200 attendees and our National PTA's Membership Chair, Derrick Bryd, brought greetings from our newly elected National PTA President Otha Thornton.   Beth Devalos, MSW LCSW, from Seminole County Public Schools spoke about the children in Florida who are hungry and homeless. Dr. Tony Bennett, Florida Education Commissioner spoke to us on how important Parent Involvement is and what is Common Core. Patty Hightower, President of Florida's School Board Association brought us greetings on their behalf. We presented two awards to Senators Detert and Bullard for their advocacy efforts on behalf of all the children in Florida.

 A heart felt thank you goes out to my Executive Committee, especially VP for Leadership, Cindy Gerhardt and our Event Chair, Karen Gardner.  Their tireless efforts along with the outstanding office staff made the event a huge success.  Based upon your positive feedback, I believe you all left inspired and empowered.

If you didn't attend, you can still benefit from our workshops, go to our website and download our PowerPoint presentations. When you prepare your budgets this year, include a line item to attend next year's Leadership / Convention. Also check with your Council for the date of their Fall Leadership training. If you don't have a Council, no problem, call our State office and they will help you find training close to you or we will come to you.

By now as a Local Unit President, you have met with your board, formed a budget committee, planned your calendar, and checked your bylaws to make sure they are up to date. I hope you have arranged monthly meetings with your principal.  Have you decided how you are going to run you membership campaign? Did you receive your kit of materials and membership cards from the state office?   Check our website for our incentives for our membership campaign. By the way, the number one reason people don't rejoin or join PTA is no one asked!

As I embark on my second year as your Florida PTA President, I want to wish you all a most successful school year each an everyone one of you make a difference in all of Florida's children's lives. Please do not hesitate to contact me or the state office, we are here to serve you our members!  

Why PTA? Because our children matter!!!

Eileen L. Segal
Florida PTA President  
Membership is Year Round
Thank you for being a PTA member and volunteer in Florida! The Membership Development Team is comprised of the following committees:
Awards Committee  
Linda Nestor 
Cultural Arts Committee 
Deanna Neal

Tammy Coker  
Resource Development Committee    

Tammy Weaver 
Much of what each committee does is listed on the website and in the Florida PTA Kit of Materials.

Kay M. Stagray,  
Vice President for Membership Development 
Florida PTA Education Commission wants to know ...."Did you hear about...?"  
by Faye Norris, Vice President of Education 
This is the commission that wants to make sure you are kept informed regarding topics/issues concerning our children and youth.  Our committees, as indicated below, were very busy at our recent PTA Leadership Convention providing you with information that will allow you to be educated in dealing with educational, health and diversity issues with regard to our children. Some of the workshops we provided for you included Diversity Means, Alphabet Soup, Planning a Health & Wellness Fair and Navigating the Special Education Process. Thank you for the numerous positive comments that we received regarding how well the information met your needs. To obtain additional information relative to education, exceptional child, diversity, health and wellness, please feel free to contact:

Diversity Outreach Committee
LaTasha Green-Cobb, 
Educates on the meaning of diversity; promotes diversity and inclusion in local units; reviews publications for inclusive content; assists in identifying potential leaders for the Board of Directors.
Education/Learning Transitions  
Danielle Thomas, Chair 

Provides information on funding for education; raises awareness of appropriate learning programs; identifies importance of early interventions; educates parents on curriculum and testing.
Exceptional Child   
Enrique Escallon, Chair  

Provides resource information to families of children with exceptionalities; disseminates information on IDEA laws and their affects; highlights activities designed to help care givers foster development in children with exceptionalities.

Health and Wellness 
Curtis Cobb, Chair    

Encourages the constant evaluation of the effects of health and safety practices on children; promotes activities and resources that foster a healthy and safe environment for children; provides information to parents/teachers relative to importance of nutrition and exercise.

Our goal is to continue to be a resource for you in all of these areas. Please do not hesitate to contact us. If we do not know the answer, we will research the information for you. We are here for you, the children and youth of Florida.....because our children matter!   
08/13/13  Reflections Webinar (See Reflections Forms on for details!) 
09/10/13  Reflections Webinar (See Reflections Forms on for details!)
10/01/13  Golden Early Bird Award
10/08/13  Reflections Webinar (See Reflections Forms on for details!)
(If your fiscal year ends June 30, then your filing deadline is November 15th. You can file any time between the close of your fiscal year and the deadline. Do not be late.)    
11/15/13  Reflections (2015-16) Theme Search Deadline (see for details!)  
12/01/13  Bronze Early Bird Award
12/15/13  Deadline for Dues submission for Reflections PTA participants

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