Thursday, June 27, 2013

Portman-CMC's Collins Canal Bridge:Destined For Troubled Water

Portman-CMC's Collins Canal Bridge:Destined For Troubled Water

Miami Beach Planning Board members are raising serious concerns over Portman-CMC's plans for an approximately 80-foot wide bridge over the Collins Canal that will serve as the main entry point for trucks accessing the convention center.

Constructing such a large bridge atop the historic canal won't be easy. A new bridge will create safety, permitting and environmental hurdles that will significantly delay the team's questionable construction schedule:
  • The canal is a designated manatee zone and a known habitat for Johnson’s seagrass, according to Miami Beach’s Public Works Dept. Construction of the bridge will disrupt the environment of this endangered species.
  • Miami Beach Planning Board member Frank Kruszewski thinks Portman-CMC's bridge traffic alongside Miami Beach High School will pose “significant safety concerns for the students and the general public.”
  • The planned bridge will divert large trucks and cars directly through a proposed park north of the convention center, disrupting the green space.
All of this begs the question: what is Portman-CMC's plan B if the bridge isn't viable?

The South Beach ACE proposal uses existing roads and infrastructure to route trucks into the site. That means less trafficless harm to the environment, and less risk to neighborhood residents and school children.

For these reasons and more, South Beach ACE has won support from a growing list of Miami Beach community groups, businesses, and convention center users, including the Miami International Boat ShowPalm View Historic District Association, and dozens of Lincoln Road property owners.

Learn more about the South Beach ACE plan by viewing the below video, visiting our website, or connecting with us via social media.
South Beach ACE: Miami Beach Convention Center Site - dbox
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