Monday, August 6, 2012

Successful Venezuelan actress Marìa Alejandra Molina

Successful Venezuelan actress Marìa Alejandra Molina

She has beautiful brown eyes and hair; she is elegant like a top model. The smile of this Venezuelan girl lightens the day of everyone. Maria Alejandra Molina was born in Caracas, Venezuela. She always loves to be on television, but she went to college and studied Mechanical Engineer. After that, she finally decided to become a model and she did important advertisement for Pantene, National Geographic and “Todo en Domingo”, a famous Venezuelan magazine.

For personal reasons she traveled to Mexico City and there she received a phone call from TV Azteca, one of the biggest Mexican channels. They invited her to participate in a casting: “I couldn’t believe it was truth, I did many castings in Mexico City and when I almost gave up, they called me, I thought it was a joke”, said the actress.

In TV Azteca her life change forever, now she is very famous and successful. Her first soap opera was “Bajo el Alma”, after that she performed Dr. Aura in a Spanish version of Grey’s Anatomy called “A Corazòn Abierto”. On that production she worked with important Mexican actors like: Sergio Basàñez and Iliana Fox. Also, Maria Alejandra worked with others famous actors as: Rodrigo Abed, Roberto Sosa and Juan Manuel Bernal.

Now, she is working on Platinum, a talk show about first-run cinema. She is doing a great job and TV Azteca chose her to cover the Academy Awards 2012. “It was a wonderful experience for me. To have been in Kodak Theater and to broadcast this important event was for me ‘my dream come true’.” 

Maria Alejandra also has another plan. She will play “Fool for Love” written by Sam Shepard. She will perform the role of May.  Also, this beautiful actress has important advertisement for Mexican companies and she will be the image of a cosmetic line very soon.

She doesn’t know when she will come to Miami, but she told us, she would like to come, because this city offers many chances for Latin American actors. She finally gave an advice for those young actors who want to be a part of entertainment world: “this is not an easy career, you have to do many sacrifices. You have to be prepared, look for a good acting school and then go for it”.

For those who want to be in contact with Maria Alejandra Molina visit her facebook: Her twitter:@MariaAMolinaB or the web site

This is a briefly translation from the original version wrote by Maria Eugenia Fanti

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