Thursday, December 8, 2016


Check Out The Art Miami-Dade Exhibit
Miami-Dade County is a melting pot for diversity, creativity, and innovation. With the many talents that lurk in our city, the Office of Community Advocacy has opened the floor to exhibit the rich and diverse culture of our county. Read More>>>
Victims of Gun Violence: A Memorial Project
Chire "VantaBlack" Regans sheds light on the epidemic of gun violence in Miami-Dade County and other areas. She uses her creative talent to display the many young faces that were lost to the act of gun violence. She states " it is through awareness, recovery, healing and growth that we can all affect change in our community." Visit Art Miami-Dade to witness the "Victims of Gun Violence: A Memorial Project". To learn more about Mrs. Regans click here to Read More>>>
Highlights of The Art Miami-Dade Exhibit
Visit Art Miami-Dade to Experience More Creative Works
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