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SEPTEMBER 8, 2017  

(September 8, 2017 - 11:00AM

A Hurricane Warning was issued for South Florida, including Broward County, on Thursday evening.  Hurricane conditions are expected in our area within the next 36 hours.
The National Hurricane Center continues to advise of major impacts to South Florida by Hurricane Irma.  Tropical Storm force winds (39 - 73 mph) are projected to arrive on Saturday morning/or mid/day and conditions will continue to decline as the storm moves closer to projected landfall along the east coast of Florida.  The City of Weston urges residents and business owners to complete emergency preparation plans by early evening on Friday, September 8, 2017. 
Weston is NOT in an evacuation area; however, if you choose to evacuate northbound or out of the state, your window of opportunity is closing.   Ensure that you are not traveling in Tropical Storm conditions which are anticipated to begin Saturday morning.
Hurricane Irma fluctuates between a Category 4 and a Category 5 storm with potential for devastating winds and life threatening coastal storm surge.  Current maximum sustained winds 150 mph, with higher wind gusts and the potential for tornadoes.  As of the 8:30 AM advisory today, Hurricane force winds extend 60 miles from the center (or eye) of the storm, and Tropical Storm force winds extend outward to 185 miles from the center; however, the storm may grow larger prior to landfall.  A direct major landfall is likely somewhere across South Florida.  Storm 
impacts to the South Florida region include destructive winds, isolated tornadoes, flooding rain and life threatening storm surge.
City of Weston Information

City Facility Hours of Operation:
Offices will be closed on Friday, September 8th and Monday, September 11th.  

The Weston Emergency Operations Center (EOC) opened at 8AM on Friday, September 8 and all calls will be tranferred to the EOC. 

The Weston Community Center and Weston Tennis Center are closed until further notice.

All City Parks will be closed as of Friday, September 8th until further notice.

Status of City Services:
Garbage collection will be completed today, Friday, September 8th.There will not be additional garbage pickups. Secure your garbage and recycling carts. There will be no collection on Saturday. 
DO NOT place bulk trash items out.  Bulk items will not be picked up by the automated garbage trucks.
Stormwater Management/Preparation:  The City's lakes continue to discharge into the South Florida Water Management District canals (the C-11 canal and the New River canal).  This is where all of Weston's waters are discharged into.  The following is an active link that shows Weston's current lake levels at monitoring points throughout the City:  City of Weston Current Lake Levels .

This video explains how lake levels are lowered in Weston as part of our Stormwater management system.
Broward County Public Schools
All Broward County Public Schools are closed through Mon., Sept. 11th. 

U.S. Mail has been suspended 

Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport is closing at 7:45PM
The airport parking is full.
Information from Broward County:
SHELTERS: Broward County's 14 evacuation shelters are open. Remember that shelters should be a last resort.  The shelter located in Weston is Falcon Cove Middle School, 4251 Bonaventure Boulevard
Visit for countywide cancellations and closures, or call the Broward County Hurricane Hotline at 3-1-1 or 954-831-4000. 
Review the Broward County Home Damage Assessment tool at before the storm's arrival and report any damage to your property following the storm.  Stay tuned to local media for ongoing updates from Broward County.
Recommended Storm Preparation
Residents should stay tuned to local media for storm information.  It is recommended that all storm preparations be completed by early Friday evening, including:
  • Secure your home by covering all windows with storm shutters (or other approved material, such as plywood).
  • Make your plans for sheltering/riding out the storm.  You should plan to be in place by early Friday evening.
  • Secure loose outdoor objects - including garbage and recycling carts, potted plants, lawn furniture - by bringing them indoors.  Loose objects will become dangerous projectiles during a storm.
  • Fuel up your car and have cash in case of emergency.  (ATM's will not work if the power is out.)
  • Make a "family emergency kit" containing first aid items, special medications, important papers, blankets, cooking equipment, flashlights, portable radio and extra batteries.
  • Make preparations for the care and shelter of pets.  Have adequate pet food and other necessary supplies.
  • Secure water, food and clothing for every member of the family.Have a gallon of water per person, per day in stock for at least three days.  You should plan to be self-sufficient for a minimum of 3-5 days following a storm's impact.  
  • Tap water is FREE and safe to drink.  Fill the bathtub, pots, pitchers, containers with tap water to ensure an additional supply water during and after the storm.
  • Check storm drains near your home to make sure they are clear of debris. 
  • DO NOT trim trees.
  • DO NOT place any bulk items curbside. 
Stay tuned to local media regarding the storm's continued development and potential impact to our area.

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