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~Gov. Scott and the Florida Cabinet approve purchases for Florida Forever lands~

The Florida Forever purchase brings 56 percent of the designated protection zone under state ownership. Another 3,280 acres remains to be acquired.
“It’s certainly good news,” Doug Alderson, who opposed the Chason Woods project along with his Woodville neighbors and environmentalists. “This is going to help Wakulla Springs. All of the (development) plans for the area would have impacted the spring one way or another.”
Florida buys 1,500 acres in Clay County Jacksonville Business Journal
Gov. Rick Scott and the Florida Cabinet on Thursday signed off on a $2.1 million deal to purchase more than 1,500 acres of land near Camp Blanding.
Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll made an appearance for the Cabinet to pitch the land deal saying the agreement to buy the land would buffer the Camp Blanding joint Training Center from any encroaching development as well as create an ideal military training range.
The amount of activity at Camp Blanding Joint Training Center has increased from 180,000 soldier-training days in fiscal year 2003 to more than 354,000 soldier-training days in fiscal year 2012.
Scott and Cabinet members Thursday approved a $2.1 million deal to buy land around Camp Blanding in Starke. The extra space is needed to buffer against noise from artillery training. The federal government will contribute $1.5 million toward the purchase.
They also OK'd $1.5 million for more than 600 acres around Wakulla Springs to save it from development and protect the underground water.

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