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February 2013
Eileen Segal, President
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* FLPTA Store Update
* FL PTA President & Legislation Chair on Tumblr
* Important Membership Activation
* President's Message
* Membership
* Awards Awards Awards!
* All Pro Dads!
* Important Upcoming Dates
* Thank you to our Sponsors
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We have a variety of items in our store that make great gifts for board members or volunteers.

Send us your ideas on what you would like to see stocked in the Florida PTA Store! 
Florida PTA President, Eileen Segal, is now on Tumblr!

Florida PTA Legislative Chair, Mindy Gould, is also on Tumblr!  
Important Membership Activation Update!!!

To all Florida PTA members - - if you join more than one local unit, you must activate each and every membership card.  This way that local unit and Florida PTA will receive credit for it. Do it today please!


Last month's eNewsletter  included a spotlight article on Seven Oaks Elementary PTA.  

FLPTA also CongratulatesPASCO County for putting on this successful PTA Day in the Park Event and for all of their dedication and hard work!


Congratulations toBroward County Councilof PTAs/PTSAs, on their selection by National PTA as one of the six new sites to join the Urban Family Engagement Network! 
President's Message
Did you know there is Proper Protocol in PTA?

Today's PTA leader is usually a very busy parent juggling a professional career and a volunteer career. They are very in tune with the current social media, and mostly do all their communications by texting. This is all fantastic and we in PTA know this is the wave of the future. However we must not forget our basic rules, ethics and protocol. Yes I said protocol. Respect for our officers that are in elected positions especially the President. Protocol is a code of courteous conduct. It has been design to honor those of a high ranking position.

Only the president of the PTA or executive board may authorize you to speak for the PTA. They are the only ones that can authorize you to speak to the media. This is true for local units, councils, state and National PTA. When you do speak make sure you are speaking on statements that State and National PTA have positions on. If you do not know an answer its okay to say let me call you back and I will get you the answer or refer them to your Council or State President.

When holding a conference call meeting, first and foremost check your bylaws to make sure it is allowed. Start the conference call on time, send out an agenda in advance and all materials you need your members to read so the call will move quickly. Have everyone keep their phones on mute unless they are speaking, wait until the chair pauses before speaking and always identify yourself. Keep questions and statements to a minimum. Remember the chair should use Roberts Rules of order just like you do when holding your meetings. When voting, it is a good idea to take a roll call vote unless the chair declares a consensus.

If you are communicating by email there is no reason to hit reply all. It's not necessary for all to see you have replied back. Also keep you replies simple and short. Never put anything in the email you do not want the entire world to see. You never know where your email will end up. If there is a disagreement or an issue, it is best to stop the emails and call the person on the telephone to discuss.

When you have messages on your phone its proper to answer them back within 24 hours or if you need longer perhaps call back and schedule a time to talk.

If you always follow your bylaws, proper procedures and protocol, being a leader is the most rewarding experience you can have. I do, and I love serving as your Florida PTA President! 

Eileen L. Segal, Florida PTA President   
Congratulations to winners of FLPTA 5% Membership Incentive - Why PTA? Because Our Children Matter!
Tampa Palms Elementary PTA - Hillsborough
Lake Lucina Elementary PTA- Duval
Fishweir Elementary PTA - Duval
Steinbrenner High PTSA- Hillsborough
Please remember to remit all monies and/or unused PTA cards to Florida PTA by no later than March 31st. It's best to send in weekly to ensure your membership numbers are counted for this year.  

Continue to ask for members. It's because I was personally asked that I joined. I thank each of you showing generosity as PTA members, helping me mature in PTA so I now have an opportunity to serve via membership. Why PTA- Because Our Children Matter! 
Tammy Coker,
FLPTA Membership Chair
Awards, Awards, Awards!!! 
Has your PTA/PTSA developed and presented an awesome program? Did you reach your membership goals? Did you know Florida PTA has membership, program and other awards! Apply today. All forms are onour website www.floridapta.org .  

 (January 19, 2013)

The Cohen Family (pictured below), read the article in Florida PTA's eNewsletter and decided to attend this great event!   

Evan Cohen (Dad) 
Daniel Cohen (15 yrs old)
Mark Cohen (8 yrs. old)

Thanks for sharing Cohen Family!

03/11-04/26/13  Attend Region Weeks in Tallahassee! (Click Here for Your Region Dates!) 
03/31/13           Deadline for final dues payment and return of unused membership cards.
04/14/13           Florida PTA Celebrates 90 Years of Advocacy! 
04/5-6/13          Attend MEN's Summit in Orlando at the State Office!  
07/12-14/13      Attend the Florida PTA Leadership/Convention at Innisbrook!

Florida PTA | 1747 Orlando Central Parkway | Orlando, Florida 32809 | (407) 855-7604
Florida PTA is the state's largest and oldest volunteer association, dedicated to advocating for every.child withone.voice. Education and other children's services are scandalously under-funded in Florida.  Florida PTA, made up of over 300,000 members in over 1400 local PTA units, represents the association's advocacy for education and children's services.

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