Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Brickell International Academy will be at Mary Brickell Village presenting Storytelling the first Wednesday of every month at 6:00pm.
All children and families in the community are welcome to join us for this dynamic learning experience.
Each time we will be telling a new story using one of our developmentally stimulating “thinking routines.” The children will have the opportunity to not only have story time, but learn critical thinking skills; understand the components of a story and how we use them to develop our senses. Parents, watch how your child will learn and develop their cognitive, linguistic, and social skills through our “thinking routines.”

Each class is FREE of charge! Story telling with art using thinking routines:
◦Child must be accompanied by an adult

The program is free of charge. We offer 1 class in Mary Brickell Village, and the other Wednesdays of the month we offer this class at the school.  We have a capacity of 10 students per class. The hour will include a story read by one of our teachers trained in VT, an implementation of one of our thinking routines to encourage critical thinking skills, and each story is followed by a craft to make the story comprehension visible.



The first Wednesday of every month in:
Mary Brickell Village.
901 South Miami Avenue, East Court Yard, Miami, FL 33130
The others Wedenesday of the month in:
Brickell International Academy
1101 Brickell ave. Miami Fl, 33131 North Tower, 8th Floor


Mary Brickell Village at 6:00pm:
Wednesday June 5th
Wednesday July 3rd
Wednesday August 7th
Wednesday September 4th
Brickell International Academy at 5:00 pm
The others Wednesday of the month
Please RSVP, Phone: 786-718-1560

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